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This is a catalogue of most of my Imperial German military service record collection as it currently stands, including both Militärpass and Überweisungsnationale documents. Some of the entries can also be found in the corresponding Soldbuch section where both the Soldbuch and Militärpass are available. Most entries still need revision to include proper place names and to check and add higher-level formations. The main problem with place names is the deciphering of hand-written entries.

The collection covers regular, reserve, replacement and Landwehr formations. The sub-sections are mainly organised according to regimental assignments, grouped together to cover infantry, Jäger, artillery, cavalry, pioneer and support units. Although the Bavarian armed forces were organised as formations independent of the Prussian army until 1914, individuals from Bavarian units are listed together with those of other German states according to their arm of service.

In cases where individuals or their units were transferred to or joined other higher-level formations, they are listed with the arm of service in which they served the longest period of time.

Since I do not have unlimited time and funds to spend on collecting and research to cover every regiment and major engagement of the Great War, these biographical entries will only ever show a particular military service period as a snapshot of a much wider picture. Furthermore, the amount of information that can be gleaned from each document will also vary widely, as I do not have unlimited access to a uniformly high level of information and resources for all units concerned. For this reason, some entries will be extensive with a great deal of background information, while others will remain very brief and include only sparse details of the given context.

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