Wehrpass collection

This is a draft list of most of my Wehrpass collection as it currently stands. Much of it needs revision to include proper place names and to check and add higher-level formations. The collection only covers ground forces including paratroop formations, i.e. there are no naval or flying units.

The sub-sections are mainly organised according to divisional assignments, grouped together to cover infantry, motorized and armoured, mountain and Jäger units. Independent army and Luftwaffe units are listed in their own sub-sections, although the Luftwaffe field divisions were later transferred to the army, and the Luftwaffe armoured formations could also be listed with the Panzer and Panzer-Grenadier divisions.

In cases where individuals or their units were transferred to or joined other higher-level formations, they are listed according to the unit with which they spent the most time. Unteroffizier Norbert Lotter served with 267. I.D., 12. Pz.Div. and 76. I.D., but he is only listed in the Panzer-Division section, for example.

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