Orders of battle and pre-1918 German units overview

While it is almost impossible to compile a complete reference on all Imperial German army units that served in World War 1, this section is designed to provide an overview of divisions and their sub-units down to at least regimental level. As far as possible, entries will also include additional information such as unit development, orders of battle, commanders, battle engagements and related facts.

The sources used vary in the level of detail they contain. Therefore, many entries will only ever provide a snapshot of a formation at any given time. While care is taken to be accurate, transcription errors, gaps in unit timelines and mistakes in the sources used may occur. In particular, incomplete engagement calendars and missing details for minor units and changes in unit assignments and composition make it difficult to obtain a reliable overview.

Any help in providing orders of battle, lists of battle engagements, commanders and assignments to higher level formations is highly appreciated. I am most interested in receiving any information you may have, particularly in the form of a text file or in a format that is easily read by an OCR system. Even a short list will speed up the process of transcribing information that is otherwise only available in German script.

Abbreviations are used to denote divisions from the states of Bavaria, Saxony and Württemberg:


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