Luftwaffe units

Pionier Konrad Schmidt did his basic training with Ersatz-Regiment Division Hermann Göring 8./Panzer-Pionier-Kompanie in Utrecht, Netherlands from July to August 1943 and then served with 3./Fallschirm-Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon Hermann Göring (in Germany until November 1943) until the end of May 1944. Awarded Verwundeten-Abzeichen in Schwarz after he suffered shell splinter wounds to his back and thigh on 16 February 1944. He went missing in action in Valmossfora, Italy, on 29 May 1944.

Unteroffizier Frank Wiese learned to drive with Fallschirmjäger-Kraftfahr-Ausbildungs-Abteilung, an airborne driver training unit, in Helmstedt in January 1945. He transferred to Stabsbatterie III./Fallschirm-Artillerie-Regiment 11 in February and I./Fallschirm-Artillerie-Regiment 9 in March 1945. A mid-war portrait photograph of Wiese suggests that he served with an army unit before joining the Luftwaffe. The Soldbuch contains entries for EK II and EK I awards in the last two weeks of April 1945.

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